Indian Buffalo Meat Facts VIII                                                               

India has now emerged as the largest exporter of beef in the world. India has a share of more than one-fifth in the global beef exports, including cattle and buffalo. In this weird competition, we have beaten Australia, Brazil and United States. All these three countries have 2 to 3 times the area of India and half to one-sixth the population of India. Therefore, they have vast open lands to rear animal herds for consumption and export. Who had the crazy idea of competing with these nations on this gory measure?




India sells its animals—unfortunately like its people—cheap. India is the largest exporter of beef, but we realize the least per unit of export. Beef from India sells for around Rs.200 or about $3 per kilogram. Australia and Brazil realize between $4 and $5 per kilogram and USA gets more than $6 per kg, which is double the Indian price.


Isn't it time that India gets out of this ghastly business?





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