During the current Covid Epidemic, the indigenous systems of medicine have been extensively used for the prevention and treatment of the disease. Much of this has happened spontaneously. In the case of need, the people in India instinctively turn towards the knowledge and remedies prevalent in all communities. The Governments, both at the Centre and in many of the States, have also actively promoted established protective and preventive indigenous remedies at a very large scale. In addition, many of the trained practitioners of the indigenous systems across the country have offered both preventive and curative treatment to large numbers.

All of the above are believed to have moderated the impact of the epidemic in India. In cases where large-scale indigenous preventive and curative interventions have been documented, these seem to have demonstrably lowered the rates of infection and mortality.

Keeping in view the potential positive impact of the indigenous healthcare interventions, we as members of the PPST (Patriotic People Oriented Science and Technology) Group have initiated an appeal to the Prime Minister requesting full and effective deployment of indigenous medical systems in the prevention and treatment of Covid.

The Appeal has drawn widespread support. It has already been signed by a large number of the practitioners of Indian systems, several scientists and academics from the major institutions of India and important opinion-makers of the country.

To read the Appeal, please click here:

The option to sign and endorse the appeal is given at the end of the Appeal.