About Us

The Centre for Policy Studies is an institute for research and study aimed at comprehending and cherishing the essential civilizational genius of India, and to help formulate a polity that would allow the Indian genius to flourish and assert itself in the present day world.

The Centre was instituted as a public charitable trust in 1990 at Chennai. It has since been recognised as a social science research institution by the Department of Science and Technology of the Union Government, and the Finance Ministry has notified the Centre as an institution entitled to receive tax-free donations under section 35.i.iii of the Income Tax Act. The last notification in this regard was valid up to 31.03.2003 and is pending renewal.

Contributions to the Centre are exempt under Section 80-G; the current notification in this regard is valid up to 31.03.2012.


The Centre is administered and governed through the Board of Trustees. In its activities of research and study, the Centre is fortunate to receive guidance and blessings from an Acharya Sabha comprising of some of the highest acharyas of India. Research activities of the Centre are overseen by a Research Advisory Committee of the Centre comprising of several important scholars.

In November 2003, an office of the Centre was opened in Delhi also. Currently, the Centre functions from both Chennai and Delhi.


The work of the Centre has been financed largely by individual and corporate contributions from Indians with a concern for national reconstruction. Centre has rarely sought or accepted government funding for its projects. Though the Centre is registered under the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA), so far no foreign contributions have been accepted.


During this period of 20 years of functioning, the Centre has brought out several publications, each of which has made a seminal contribution to the understanding of the current Indian situation, and has been recognised as a path-breaking effort. The Centre has also organised several seminars, workshops and meetings. Some of these meetings have been attended by the highest acharyas of India belonging to diverse sampradayas, and by the highest political leaders cutting across all political affiliations, who consented to gather together to deliberate on crucial national issues brought into sharp focus by the work of the Centre.

Details of the work done by the Centre are given at different places in this site. For a summary of the research activities of the Centre, please continue reading.

Research Activities of the Centre