• Sri Dharampal

    Noted historian of eighteenth century India Emeritus Fellow of the Centre, presently located at Ashram Pratishthan, Sevagram

  • Prof. M. D. Srinivas, Ph.D.

    Former Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Madras Chairman of the Board and Senior Fellow of the Centre

  • Sri Banwari, M. A.

    Former Resident Editor, Jansatta, Delhi Trustee and former Senior Fellow of the Centre located at Delhi

  • Dr. T. Pushkala, M. Phil., Ph.D.

    Research Associate of the Centre located at Tamil University, Thanjavur

  • Dr. Ruchi Sharma, Ph. D. (Economics)

    Research Fellow of the Centre at Delhi

  • Dr. J. K. Bajaj, Ph.D.

    Director and Senior Fellow of the Centre

    In addition, the following scholars are associated with various research activities of the Centre:

  • Sri A. P. Joshi, M. Tech (Metallurgy, IISc, Bangalore)

    Sri Joshi is actively associated with Centre’s work on the religious demography of India. He is one of the authors of the recent publication of the Centre on the subject.

  • Prof. K. V. Varadarajan, Ph.D.

    Professor of Economics, Vivekananda College, ChennaiProf. Varadarajan is in-charge of Centre’s research programmes concerning the delineation and analysis of the current economic situation of India.

  • Sri T. M. Mukundan, M. Tech (Industrial Engineering, UC Berkeley)

    Sri Mukundan is in-charge of collation of archival material regarding nineteenth century India collected by Sri Dharampal. Based on this material, he and Sri Dharampal have recently edited a book on the anti-kine killing movement of late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

  • Sri Jagmohan Garg, M. Tech (Electrical Engineering)

    A pioneering practitioner of high technology and low investment engineering innovation and enterprise in India, Sri Garg is also a keen student and teacher of the possibilities and methods of developing such innovation based-enterprise. In collaboration with the Centre, he has written a monograph on the subject.

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