• Prof. M. D. Srinivas

    Founding Trustee and Chairman of the Board. Formerly Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Madras; also, Vice-Chairman, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla.

  • Sri T. M. Mukundan

    Founding Trustee. Industrial Engineer; highly regarded scholar of traditional Indian medicine and technologies; and an accomplished Yoga practitioner and teacher.

  • Sri S. Gurumurthy

    Chartered accountant; renowned policy analyst and commentator; and acknowledged leader, strategist and spokesman of the Swadeshi approach to India’s economic and political development.

  • Prof. K. V. Varadarajan

    Professor of Economics, Vivekananda College, Chennai. Highly regarded teacher and thinker of current economic affairs.

  • Sri K. N. Govindacharya

    Well-known leader and thinker of current Indian polity; and a leader of the Swadeshi approach to India’s economic and political development.

  • Sri Perez Chandra

    Well-known business and economic analyst; and economic journalist.

  • Sri Banwari

    Former Resident Editor of Jansatta; well-known thinker and commentator representing the classical Indian perspective on issues of current Indian polity.

  • Sri Balbir Punj

    Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha); highly regarded journalist and commentator.

  • Dr. J. K. Bajaj

    Founding Trustee and Director of the Centre. Member, Indian Council of Social Science Research; Member, National Council of Rural Institutes; and Member, Advisory Board, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

Past Trustees

  • Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala

    Professor of Electrical Engineering, IIT, Chennai; India’s leading telecom engineer and developer; recipient of Bhatnagar Award and decorated with Padma Shri. Member of the Board, 1990- 2000.

  • Dr. V. Balaji

    Chemist and Energy Specialist; presently at ICRISAT, Hyderabad. Member of the Board, 1990-2000.

  • Sri S. V. S. Raghavan

    Highly regarded former administrator and specialist in economic affairs; decorated with Padma Shri. Member of the Board, 1993-1998.

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