Developing High Technology Small Industries in Bharatavarsha: Swadeshi in Action

Part 1

There are numerous technologically competent young Indians, highly trained in modern engineering and technological skills, both here in India and abroad. Many of them are trapped in jobs and situations where they have little opportunity to put the skills they have learnt to productive and creative use. There are indeed many amongst them who yearn to get out of this situation, to start out on their own, and begin some venture that would allow scope for the use and development of their knowledge and skills; and also let them have the satisfaction of contributing to a re-assertion of the Indian identity in the present day world.

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Part 2

The concept of establishing small-scale high technology enterprises in India was first tried by Sri Jagmohan Garg. Garg Associates was started in 1966 to manufacture high performance PTFE-insulated Electronic Wires and Cables. These wires and cables are used in critical applications in avionics, telecommunication, atomic energy reactors, etc. Manufacturing began by undertaking the last step of wrapping imported PTFE-tape on imported conductors, and sintering and testing the final cable. Within less than 10 years all major preceding steps were integrated, and at every step the necessary machines were developed and fabricated inexpensively, using locally available skills and resources.

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