Indian Buffalo Meat Facts IX

Indian Buffalo Meat Facts IX

Commenting on our previous post on this issue, an old valued physicist colleague of ours has written that these things should not be talked about because ‘what goes into our mouth or stomachs is such a personal issue’.

These notes are not about the eating habits of people, though one should be very careful about what one eats. But that is an entirely different issue. These notes are about what the bureaucratic-administrative wing of the GOI is busily promoting in direct opposition to the publicly stated policies of the political wing of GOI.

More than that, these notes are an appeal for the protection of the Indian water buffalo from massive butchery subsidized, guided and promoted by agencies of the GOI. In the following note we shall give figures about how the composition of the buffalo herd in India has been highly distorted as a result of this large-scale organized butchery. Here, we give a few images of the living and working water buffaloes of India.

Indian water buffalo does not have the intelligent, empathetic and compassionate look that is seen in the eyes of an Indian cow. Nor does it have the usually shiny bright skin sheen of the cows and bullocks. She loves to laze in the water and roll in mud. And in her eyes, there is always a look of forlorn dependence. She needs to be saved from the butcher just as much as the cow. Enjoy the images and Happy New Year.



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