Ayodhya and The Future India

Major Meetings and Seminars —


Following the events at Ayodhya in December 1992, the Centre organised a series of meetings from January 1993 onwards to discuss the impact of these events on the future Indian polity. Leaders of all sections of opinion were invited to present their view in these meetings. The list of speakers included:

  • Arun Shourie, former Editor of Indian Express
  • Sanjivi Guhan, Emeritus Professor at the Madras Institute of Development Studies
  • Abdus Samad, Veteran Parliamentarian and President of the Indian Union Muslim League in Tamilnadu
  • Casimir Gnanadhickam, the Most Reverend Archbishop of Madras-Mylapore
  • S. Gurumurthy, Chartered Accountant and Political Commentator
  • K. N. Govindacharya, General Secretary of the BJP
  • Dharampal, Pioneering historian of Society and Polity in Eighteenth Century India

The meetings were held in the open terrace of the Centre and every talk was followed by hours of relaxed discussion. Participants in the meetings often numbered around a hundred, and the number of diversity of questions and issues that were raised left some of us with an uneasy feeling that we are a society where nothing seems to have been resolved, where all issues of significance to the functioning of the polity remain open. It could be counted as one of the blessings of the Ayodhya events that all the unresoved issues were brought into the open.
The proceedings of these meetings, including the presentations of the speakers and the detailed deliberations following every presentation, were compiled and published by the Centre with a detailed introduction by Dr. J. K. Bajaj. The resulting book, Ayodhya and the Future India, was released by Sri L. K. Advani in a meeting held at the Constitution Club, New Delhi, in October 1993.
The complete book is availble on the Publications page of this site. To read the book please click on the link below:

Ayodhya and the Future India.