Major Meetings and Seminars


The Centre held a 7 day Winter School on Indian Economy and Polity in November 1994. The School was attended by about 20 college students and teachers drawn from all over the country. The participants were given an intense introduction to the state of Indian economy and polity today, and the historical processes through which we have arrived at the present situation. Participants were also given an introduction to the traditional Indian ways of organising economy and polity. To give them a graphic impression of these issues, the participants were taken on a tour of some of the ancient localities of Chengalpattu, where both the splendour of the traditional economy and polity, and the decay of the recent past can be seen side by side.

During the course, Sri Rajiv Vora of Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi, conducted a series of reading and discussion sessions on Hind Swaraj of Mahatma Gandhi. Sri Banwari, Resident Editor Janasatta, New Delhi, presented a series of lectures on the essentials of the world-view that informed the traditional Indian society ad polity.

Sri T.M.Mukundan conducted daily lecture and demonstration sessions on Yoga and Ayurveda.

Prof. K.V.Varadarajan presented a series of lectures on the state of Government finances in India, and current macro-economic and fiscal situation.

Dr. J.K.Bajaj and Dr. M.D.Srinivas presented a review of the food situation in India, placing the situation today in the context of the Chengalpattu polity of eighteenth century and the classical Indian thinking of the issue.

The proceedings of the School have been compiled under the title, Indian Economy and Polity, and are available in mimeo form.